About Testimonio®

Testimonio was launched in 2016 as a software company. Since its conception, Testimonio has pivoted to focus specifically on helping the Christian community. With more people in the world suffering from depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and stress on the rise, Testimonio decided to focus its efforts on helping people live better.

Since the initial conception, Testimonio has grown to help people all around the world. Testimonio continues to improve as a leader in the Christian meditation space and continues to help people through the burdens of mental health.

Testimonio has one mission: to create changed lives through Jesus Christ. Through the building of purpose in people's lives, Testimonio helps people commit to living better. It's never just about motivating people, but it's about the follow-through.

You can try Testimonio for yourself and learn the essentials of Christian meditation and mindfulness with our free course. If you enjoy it, subscribe to unlock your full potential. Begin meditating on the Bible to help you reduce stress and anxiety, sleep better, and live happier.

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